A beautiful upscale neighborhood nestled among the rolling hills of Bellevue in West Davidson County, Tennesseee - a suburb of the thriving Metropolitan city of Nashville, Tennessee
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I found this ghost in a tree in Traceside while driving through the neighborhood today!

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Second Stephens Valley Meeting Scheduled - Notice to Traceside

Second Stephens Valley Meeting
Notice to Traceside

Watch full movie right here - HALLOWEEN WITH THE ADDAMS FAMILY 1977

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Traceside Halloween Boo Game

This is a fun game we play every year in Traceside.  Here's what to do to join in the fun:

1. Buy two containers and fill with treats - candy, small toys, etc. If you are booing a teenager, do treats accordingly - perhaps some candy, a lipstick or a chapstick, small items of interest to that age group.

2. Fill your containers, put the Boo poem that contains instructions for the recipient and be ready to strike.

3. Sneak out when it's dark and put the containers on your chosen recipients' front steps or porches.

4. Do not ring the doorbell if it is after 8 p.m. - if you get your deliveries made by 8 pm, ring the doorbell and run lilke the wind.  Don't get caught whatever you do.

If your chosen recipient of the treats you chose has a ghost picture from the Boo game on his or her door, choose another person to receive the treats.  The ghost picture on a door or window is telling you that person has already been visited by the Traceside Halloween phantom.

Let's try to boo as many people in the neighborhood as possible before Halloween!

And don't forget about older people who have no children at home.  They love to join in the fun, too.

Here's the link to the Halloween Boo Poem which you will put in the container with the goodies you deliver:
Boo Poem
This is very important for you to deilver with your treats because it tells the person who got the treats that (1) they have been booed, and (2) what to do after they have been booed.

Here is a copy of the picture of the boo ghost which you will also put in your goodie containers so that the person who has been booed can put it in their window or on his/her door to indicate he/she has already been booed.
Boo Ghost Picture

Have fun and enjoy the season!

Sign Up for the Associawebsite for Traceside

This will in no way affect your membership on the Yahoo Group email.  You can be members of both without conflict.  You will need your account number from the document you use for paying your dues.  See https://community.associawebsites.com/sites/TracesideHOA/Pages/AcwDefault.aspx.

The Traceside Swim Team - Go Barracudas!

The Traceside Swim Team had an incredibly successful season!  For any information you are seeking about the swim team go to http://www.tracesidebarracudas.com/Home.jsp?team=recnsltbtn

Reminders of Brush and Recycling Pickup Via Your Email

Email notifications are sent to brush subscribers based on your preference when enrolling or managing your account.  Subscribers may choose one option and can be notified 7, 14, 21, or 30 days prior to their brush route is scheduled to begin.

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The Bellevue Chamber of Commerce

The Tennessean Online

The Westview Online

Bellevue Library
That you can download books from the public library
onto your Kindle or Kindle Fire?
Here are the instructions on how to do this in the event you own a Kindle.

Workout Anytime Nashville

Traceside Contacts

If you have any concerns about maintenance or covenants please contact Juanita Clancy at Morris Property
278 Franklin Road
Suite 140
Brentwood, TN 37027 or
by email at jclancy@morrisproperty.com

If you have a question regarding the website or our community email group, please email Faye Combs at fayecombs@comcast.net

If you would like to reach the entire Board of the Traceside HOA, send an email to bod@traceside.com

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